The Good Shit™ is an organic, all natural tattoo after care salve made from a blend of fine oils, extracts, butters and beeswax.
We use only the finest, highest quality, certified organic ingredients in our Tattoo aftercare product.

All Natural, Chemical & Petroleum Free

Petroleum based products create a barrier that doesn't allow moisture to penetrate freshly inked skin. Our all natural formula allows your skin to breathe during the healing process.

Learn more about our ingredients and their benefits, click here.

What our happy customers are saying...
Shannon DyeCustomer
I will never use anything else. I love ink! I tell all of my friends when they go get ink to get some! Love Love Love the product! Also, I use it for lots of things. I have a six year old son. Cuts scrapes.... etc! I love it! Very in expensive also! Thank you!!
Jessica FidlerInkheart Tattoo Studio
I just wanted to say that I LOVE YOUR PRODUCT!!!!! I use it as a glide when I tattoo and so far I love it more than anything else that I have ever used!!!
Dez BeckerCustomer
The Good Shit!!! It's the best ever!! Heals your tattoo's perfectly. I love it!! I will NEVER use anything else! Thank you!
Seth Deth, Villain's TattooAPT Board of Directors
"Since recommending The Good Shit™ to my clients, I no longer have as many touchups! This is some good shit!!"
Michelle 'Seressa' ShepherdRunway Model, Good Shit User
"I love being able to use a product that is 100% organic, smells great, leaves my skin feeling soft and keeps my tattoos vibrant. Full of exactly what it says on the tin 'The Good Shit'!"


Monkey's Uncle Tattoo

Marietta, Ohio

Villains Tattoo & Piercing

Omaha, Nebraska

Dynamic Tattoo

Franktown, Colorado

The Good Shit™ conditions and softens the skin while gently soothing your new tattoo.
Our salve contains no harsh chemicals, additives or preservatives.
Use The Good Shit™ for the life of your tattoo to help keep the color vibrant.